We upgraded the standard 400F suspension with a CB550 suspension setup with dual discs & hub from a ‘69 CB750. The new forks were then paired with a Fastec fork brace and yoke machined in house by us.


We swapped out the standard tyres for off-road knobblys that really give it that scrambler/desert sled look and make for great fun on green lanes.


The original bars and grips were replaced with a set from Bitwell accompanied by a Fastec handlebar clamp, with Baz wanting to keep the original controls.


Baz wanted something a bit brighter as the stock lighting isn’t the best by today’s standards, so we converted the lights and replaced bulb with dual beam Xenon headlight which is secured in place by our Fastec brackets. The rear brake light was changed to LED for added visibility and longevity and the front indicators were replaced by set from Motogadget.


The engine was built by DM Engineering to OEM spec before we started on build. The engine required a full rebuild due to the shape it was in with a lot of broken fins, they did a great job and really brought it back to life.


The bikes paintwork was done by our good friends over at Pro-Kustom and the wheels were done by Black Cat… both of which did a stunning job! The seat was also custom for the bike and really makes the paint job 'pop'!


The stock exhaust was removed and replaced with a system from Yamiya and the airbox was swapped out for one from Cognito Moto.


It’s safe to say we are thrilled with how this turned out, and more importantly, so was Baz - going as far as to say “My dream has been realised”. There’s nothing more satisfying than a happy customer!

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