Meet The Team: Sara Duffy - Newmarket Motorcycle Company

Meet The Team: Sara Duffy

Sara Duffy - Newmarket Motorcycle Company

Introducing: Sara Duffy

Department: Newmarket Motorcycle Company

Role: Adminstrator


Why did Fastec Racing decide to launch Newmarket Motorcycle Company?

We decided to add the shop to offer more to our customers but found that people were dismissing us from online searches as they thought it would be racing leathers or horse based due to being in Newmarket so we decided to rebrand the shop/retail side to make it easier for people to find us.


What's your role at NMC?

I try and organise behind the scenes. I do all the office work, source products, stock control & despatch whilst trying to keep the boys on budget and task downstairs – not very successfully sometimes!


What's your favourite brand / item currently?

I love the Motogirl range, it’s a great small British company run by 2 women for women, they’ve put their hearts into their product range to make sure it’s the best it can and I couldn’t wait to stock it in the shop.

I actually have 2 pairs of leggings, the Louise Jacket and the sweatshirt – I find the jacket so comfortable when I am riding as its not restrictive at all and moves with you.

Find out more about the company over on our blog


What's the most commonly purchased item?

Think it would be even between the Motogirl leggings and the Merlin Street Boots.


What's the most asked question you receive?

Whether we can order in and how fast – all our brands can be ordered and normally received within 48 hours depending on time of order and stock at the distributors.


Why did you join NMC / Fastec?

I had been working for a company approx. an hour away from where we live and found the travelling to be too much – Fastec Racing was growing and Dan asked me to come on board and help set up an office, procedures and computer system etc so that it could grow further.


Why is CE important?

I think CE is incredibly important – it means that all the manufacturers have a level field to work too and, as a rider, it means you know that the gear you buy will do what it says and protect you.

If you buy a jacket and see the CE certificate information, you know that the testing has been done correctly and you will be protected – I know there are people out there who say it doesn’t matter, we never used to have proper gear but I think it’s completely different now. Cars and bikes are able to go faster and the roads are in a worst state (personal opinion) so I think extra protection is a good thing! Read more about CE over on our blog from Merlin Bike Gear


Do you have any hobbies you'd like to mention?

Riding my bike of course! I also love reading, usually have at least 3 books on the go via my tablet as well as one by the couch, anything by James Patterson, Patricia Cornwall or John Clancy and for true stories, I enjoy Ann Rule - I am one of those people who can put a book down and pick it back up 3 months later and still remember where I was and I can re-read books so have a bookshelf full of books I love to re-read.

I also do glass painting and enjoy glass fusion classes but I struggle to find time for that at the moment!

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